Elena Davis

Are you the tech-savvy type, or would you rather try new technology months after it hit the market? If you are a tech-savvy person, then maybe we have something in common. My name is Elena Davis, and I love everything technology.

So much so that I can’t see any situation that would make me leave the house without my smartwatch, smart bracelet, my phone, or any other technological wearable. Okay, you can’t wear a phone, but you catch the drift, don’t you?

When I was still young, we would look at the different things technology could do and marvel. It left me in awe and left wondering what more technology could have for use. Back then, there wasn’t the widespread use of technology wearables like smartwatches.

Fast forward a few years later, and we have the first smartwatch. This was the expensive type that most commoners could not lay their hands on. It made me ask myself what I could do to ensure everyone got a chance to have these wearable technological products.

I didn’t have the requisite experience to tell which wearables were the better fit. I didn’t have to, though, as there was this explosion of new technological advancements not long after. These advancements made it easy for most people to consider the impact of smart wearable devices.

That’s when I took an interest in wearable products. Having loved technology all my life, it didn’t surprise anyone in my family when I deiced to study information technology. I wanted to see the impact of technology first-hand. What better way to do that than to be there yourself?

Perhaps you can say that since I was probably one of the first people to take an interest in technology, I might have had an advantage. That couldn’t be any further from the truth. The journey has been challenging. I had to start from scratch learning everything before I could fully venture in.

That’s why I have been documenting it every step of the way. You see, it isn’t the only technology that interests me. Before blogs became famous in my free time, I would fill up my journal with tales of my struggles.

The documenting helps me to introspect and think of better ways to approach daily problems. It’s like getting rid of the weight on my shoulders. Writing this blog enables me to unwind. That’s why is started this blog.

Although I can’t argue, I started it to show people the wearables they can buy. I also started it because I enjoy blogging in my leisure time. I enjoy letting people know more technological wearables and why they should give them a chance.

Even now, in the age of the internet, it is a little surprising to see still that most people give technological wearables a wide berth. In my experience, that shouldn’t be the case since we are moving into a smart world.

Technological wearables can only get more popular form here. That’s because they incorporate healthy living to ensure people get better control of their health. This decade has been characterized by people getting more conscious of their health.

That’s where the smart wearables come in. Smart wearables help someone look fashionable, but they can also track their energy levels or the exercising. Unfortunately, not many people understand this.

All they think is that they are fashion statements for the rich. Granted, the wearables might not be that cheap. But it doesn’t mean they wouldn’t be a good purchase for anyone. This is part of why I decided to start a blog to educate people more about them.

With my knowledge in technology and long-standing interest in everything technology, I have a wealth of knowledge to share with all people. I have been in the field for several years, excluding when I was still in school. That means I know and understand the implications of technology wearables.

I believe my experiences with these wearables will give other people the interest in trying the wearables out. I’m always eager to try out new technology wearables as soon as they hit the market, which places me in an excellent position to tell people which ones they need to consider.

I also provide information that helps to debunk some of the myths people associate with wearables. For instance, some people believe that some wearable smartwatches produce radiation that could cause cancer.

While it is understandable that not many people know and understand what wearables are all about, it shouldn’t mean they should stay in the dark. Although most of my time I aim to use to promote the business, I have a passion for blogging and helping shed light on so many of the wearables. So welcome to this page, and I hope you find what you are looking for.